Surgical oncology

Cancer can present itself in many different ways depending upon the type of cancer and location. Successful treatment and management relies on valuable information gained by diagnostic tests such as imaging and tissue sampling. With this information treatment options including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy can be discussed.

The best interest of your pet is always at the forefront of everything we do. We never pressurize an owner into pursuing a treatment that they are not comfortable with.

Cancer may present as a lump or a bump, a wound that does not heal, lameness or swelling in a bone and sometimes the only signs maybe that the pet “just isn’t right”

Surgery is one of the primary treatments for cancer. It aims to remove cancerous tissue and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body. The best results are nearly always achieved when cancers are diagnosed and treated early.

Cancers that we frequently see:

• Cancer involving the skin and underlying tissues eg mast cell tumour, soft tissue sarcoma, plasma cell tumour and histiocytic tumour. Surgery may require skin reconstruction in some cases.
• Cancer in the mouth eg squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, and sarcoma.
• Mammary tumour, thyroid tumour, anal sac tumour and many other types of cancer.

If you would like to discuss or refer a cancer case please contact us.

Previous cases

1: Pre-op: Interdigital mass
1: Post-op: Interdigital mass removed
2: Pre-op: Mass on tail
2: Post-op: Mass on tail removed
3: Pre-op: Large lipoma hind leg
3: Post-op: Lipoma removed
4: Pre-op: Mass on Leg
4: Post-op: Mass Removed

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