Soft tissue surgery

Soft tissue surgery covers a wide range of procedures. Depending upon the complexity of the case diagnostic tests such as blood sampling and imaging maybe recommended prior to surgery. With this information we can develop and implement a treatment plan specifically for the pet.

Soft tissue cases that we frequently see include:

• Ear, nose and throat diseases eg chronic ear infections, ear polyps, brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS), laryngeal paralysis
• Wound management including reconstructive skin surgery
• Anal sac disease eg chronic infections and abscessation
• Perineal, inguinal and other body wall hernias, as well as many other types of soft tissue surgery

If you would like to discuss or refer a soft tissue case please contact us.

Previous cases

1: Pre-op: Bite injury
1: Post-op: Reconstruction
2: Pre-op: Stenotic nares
2: Post-op: Stenotic nares correction
3: Pre-op: Stones in Bladder
3: Post-op: Bladder Stones Removed
4: Pre-op Cyst on Tail
4: Post-Op Cyst Removed

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